Trade River Run 2022 Updates

Quick Points

  • 60 registrations due by May 4th.  The 75 needs 5 entries.
  • Need an overflow spot?  Get your registrations in now to secure your spot.
  • We have may options for day use (non-camping) parking.

The Details

It’s hard to believe we’re less than 6 weeks out from the first annual Trade River Run!  As you know this date has had many iterations over the years – different names, different venues, and more.  I decided to rename Border Battle Boogie to Trade River Run because there’s really no battle and I definitely do not boogie.  Trade River Equestrian Campground is one of the nicest horse camps in northeast Wisconsin with over 40 miles of trails, including a nice loop with the midpoint at Wolf Creek bar.  It’s been since 2019 that we held a ride at the park and I’m excited to be back.  

The management will have a slight shift this year due to date conflicts with my son’s high school graduation.  Lynn Reichert will be stepping in to fill my shoes, Katie Krueger remains as co-manager, Janet Sarver is helping with awards, Cathe Cheesebrow will be handling all the paperwork.  Plus we have had lots of help from Lindsey Nichols and Jesse Shaddrick, too.  It takes a village.

Due to DNR enforcement, there will be a few logistical changes, too.  Rather than management being staged at the entrance to the camp, you’ll find us in sites 17 and 19. Site 19 is where the Timer Tent is usually placed.  It’s still close by, just shifting us over a bit.  

If you don’t have a campsite, please get your registration submitted asap to secure your spot in the overflow right by camp.  We do have camping available at an alternate location and can accommodate your horse in camp at a management site (just reach out to us for details). If you are able to share with someone, we greatly appreciate it.  A non camping unit can be parked with a camping unit if room allows.  Otherwise, trailers can be left in the day use overnight.  Anyone coming for the day is encouraged to check with management where to park – nobody will be turned away.   There are a lot of moving parts with camping, so please just reach out to Lynn, Cathe, Katie, or Deb for details.  

We hope to see everyone there!!

Deb, Lynn, & Katie

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  1. Is it too late to pre-register for Trafe River Run novice? I’ve never been to this ride but we’ll be day parking. I am not a novice but with a novice horse and 2 novice daughters. We wouldn’t need a leader- using for conditioning and fun for the kids.

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