Ride “Packet” for Huntersville Hundred

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Welcome to Huntersville Hundred!!  We hope you have a fantastic weekend!

Please read this stuff!!! 

We’ll also have this information available in camp.


From the south, east or west, navigate to the town of Huntersville (zipcode 56464) via Huntersville Rd/18/380th. From the north, 13/25 will get you there. Follow the signs to ridecamp. For those using GPS, navigate using 23115 Old Bridge Rd. Menahga, Minnesota 56464. Watch for ridecamp signs and TURN SLOWLY onto Old Bridge Rd!! The next turn for ridecamp comes quickly!!

Notes: Dale Fett told me that the road from Frazee to Huntersville – Hwy 87 is open and good to go.

Coming from the south, Hwy 4 is closed in Meire Grove. I take 55 west to hwy 71 and go north to Sauk Center.

Watch for Amish buggies on the highways!!!!

Management contacts:

  • Sarah Maass: 507-340-7859
  • Dana Gasner: 507-240-0600
  • Krystyna Eischens: 763-482-6069
  • Cathy Fischer: 507-276-7205


Find a camping area anywhere in the campground. Please park efficiently for the flow of traffic and space usage. You can put up pens.


Most of you have pre-registered. Thank you!!! If you haven’t regis tered yet, you’ll find the usual paperwork at the table in the shed. 

Covid Restrictions

Please practice social distancing, hand-sanitizing and other safety measures. If you wish to have our staff wear masks at the vet area, please let us know in advance. 


Our vets have requested that we separate the vetting-in according to event. This will help expedite the process.

Friday: 5-6:30pm Endurance and LD riders            6:30-7:30pm Comp riders

          Let us know if you will be arriving late and you need to vet in on Saturday morning. 

Saturday: Come up to vet in for Sunday when you see a lull in traffic at the vet area. 


Coffee and zucchini bread (till gone) will be available Saturday and Sunday mornings for everyone. Thanks for coming! Bring your own coffee mug, please.

We will have HEED at the coffee area. PLEASE fill your water bottles or mugs. We have new flavors this year! Introducing MELON and CHERRY BOMB! (Cherry Bomb has caffeine). HEED will help you stay hydrated and energetic! Thanks Hammer Nutrition!

A FREE Saturday evening meal will be provided for all riders and crew from about 5:30-7:30pm. Pulled Pork, Baked Beans, Green salad, Chips and Dessert. Again, thank you all for supporting this ride and our young riders.  

Also, the Outpost Bar & Grill is a great place for lunch and supper. Take-out is an option. Excellent burgers.

General Trail

The local farm, RD Offutt told me that the crops are out. NO IRRIGATORS!!! Woo Hoo!!

Most of the ribbons will be on your right as you are moving forward. The exceptions would be when there is a LEFT turn, and the ribbons will move to the other side of the trail to guide your eye to make that turn. If you are paying attention at intersections, and you remember what color loop you are on, this should be easy. (Once in a while, there is an open area where there aren’t good places to put ribbons. There might be one or two on the wrong side.)

AS ALWAYS, DO NOT LOOK BACK AT SIGNAGE! Since some of the trails are 2-way, you’ll get turned around if you do that. Download the app “Avenza” and download/import the map for Huntersville State Forest. It’s a free app that comes in really handy. If you get lost, pull it up on your phone and it will locate you as a blue dot on the map. (Take note that the very west trails on the pink loop are not on the app). This app WORKS when your phone is in airplane mode.

If you have time prior to your event, acclimate your horse to the bridge which is about 150 yards from the start. 



100 6:30am Pink, Blue, Blue, Pink, White, White.  There will be a controlled start for the first 1.5 miles.

75   6:30am Pink, Blue, Blue, Pink. Going out with the 100s; controlled start for the first 1.5 miles.

50   7:15am Pink, Blue, White.

30LD 7:45am Blue, White.

30Comp 8:30am Blue, White.

Night 25LD 4:30pm White, White.


30LD  7:30am

30Comp 8:30am

12.5Nov 9:00am

Loop Descriptions

Pink (Endurance only)   20 miles

From the timer, all loops leave camp out the west gate and go right. All 3 loops will follow the ditch and cross the highway together, but then the pink loop goes STRAIGHT, branching off from blue and white. If you are doing this loop with minimal light in the evening, please go straight and don’t get confused by the LEDs that will be turning left. The pink loop goes NORTH and will be a counter-clockwise loop. (different from previous years). The rest is easy to follow. 

Blue   17.5 miles

From the timer, all loops leave camp out the west gate and go right. All 3 loops will follow the ditch and cross the highway together. The blue loop has some fun, single-track trail. Be careful to follow the blue ribbons and signs. It is bit different than what you’ve done before at this ride. There are some parts of this trail that the motocross riders have used and please be careful. There are a few “whoops” (wavy parts) on the trail that don’t work well for trotting. There isn’t a lot of this, but be forewarned. On this loop, you will have about 4 miles of on-coming pink-loop riders. Be friendly :).

White (Marked in green on your map)  12.5 miles

From the timer, all loops leave camp out the west gate and go right. All 3 loops will follow the ditch and cross the highway together. This is 2-way traffic the first 2 miles. The ribbons should be easy to follow. If you’re doing the night LD, take note of turns and surroundings since you’ll be doing this loop again. You’ll come to the river where you can take your horse into the water. (Don’t cross the water).Turn left after you come back out of the river, and follow ribbons back to an intersection where you were before. This is the only tricky part about this loop. There will be a RED glo-stick arrow on the sign for you to take a left.(See note on map).Watch carefully that you are now going IN, and then the ribbons should be on your left. Follow back the way you came, across the highway, in the ditch, across the bridge, and back to the timer.


We will have LED lights on the trail, hanging with the ribbons. The white lights mean that “you’re on the right trail”, and red lights mean “there’s a sharp turn here”. You’ll have seen this loop in the daylight, so it should be straight-forward. 

We suggest attaching glo-sticks to your breast collars and taping a headlamp to your helmet. You might not need any extra light besides moonlight, but it’s nice to have the back-up just in case. The glo-sticks will help traffic see you as you negotiate the ditch next to the highway. Just don’t put any lights on your backside as this messes up the vision of horses and people behind you. Reflective strips on the horse’s legs or on your back or on the back of your helmet work for traffic coming behind you. Be courteous about using your headlamp when there are riders in front of you. 

Thanks to all of our awesome sponsors for making this event possible!! Any profits from this event are forwarded to our young riders for their competition expenses. These funds also enable us to keep fees low for  other junior riders; only $20 for any event!    

Thanks so much for your support, riders!!!     


  • ReactorPanel Saddle Company
  • Renegade Hoof Boots
  • Hammer Nutrition
  • LubriSynHA
  • Equaide
  • RD Offutt
  • 3M
  • Teresa Fett

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