Border Battle Boogie – Thank you!

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Wow! Another successful MnDRA club ride is in the books! We had 109 entries! What a fantastic start to the season. Border Battle Boogie results have been submitted to UMECRA and AERC. We had some horse-switch-eroo going on so please double check names and numbers. There were some results announced during awards that were not correct (missed a pull in the Sat LD) and some ride cards with incorrect ride times because we can’t math when we’re tired. For the most part, it only resulted in a switch in the first place/second place 50HW results

.Thank you to everyone that made this happen! Katie and I couldn’t do it without all of you!

Sarah Maass – BBB’s 2021 “Sam” Volunteer award recipient. Thank you for ALL you did to help get the venue changed, marking trails, getting permits, and taking a ton of work off my plate. Many thanks to your FREEKS crew for all the help – Emma, Joey, Evie, Dana, Cathy.

T.j. Edwards – BBB’s 2019 “Sam” Volunteer award who is still deserving of it now as then – for being my “do anything” volunteer and who recruited his granddaughter Grace who scribed ALL day on Saturday!

Carolyn Scott – “Mama Moe” as many of you call her. I never have to worry about food and she makes the coolest prizes, makes my bed (ya’ll know how hard that is in the LQ), and keeps talking on the drive home when she knows I’m tired. Love you mom.

Cathe Cheesebrow – my secretary who tells me to GET OUTTA HERE when I’m meddling too much!

Special thanks to Cathe and Jen Moore for taking our injured rider to the hospital Saturday. (She’s okay…has a horse for sale now…HA) Jen also donated those cool BBB cookies for a raffle! (She’s so talented!!

Jeske Noordergraaf and Heather ‘Goerts’ Damico – BBB’s vets who barely had time to eat. Thank you for giving up your weekends to work so hard and enable us to have rides!

Ramona Steinmetz- the amazing MnDRA timer!! Thank you!

All the folks who took P&Rs, Scribed, helped keep water tanks full, and helped score sheets. Diane Dascher, Michelle Lee Splonskowski, Janet Sarver, Rebecca Dubois, Tennielle Lemar, Diane Thorsen Merz, Carmen Evans Steuck, Ken Meyer, Becky Horihan, Sher Ob, Paula Goligowski, Jane Malischke, Peggy Pasillas, Amy Ellingson, Ella Bassett Meyer, Grace Carter. I’m sorry if I’m missing anyone….

Congrats to Karrie Halbur for winning the Quilt Raffle.

I do have a small list of lost and found – a blue wand sweat scraper, a hand held heart rate monitor & watch, a dog retractable leash, and a green water bottle.

And…many thanks to everyone that understood when I had that “I can’t process any more information” look on my face! HA.

Lastly, despite being very spoiled having the shed at Huntersville, we are planning to be back in Wisconsin for 2022! 😊

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