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Border Battle Boogie is just a few days from now!  Here’s a few updates!  Watch the website for electronic ride packets and maps to get posted here Tuesday or Wednesday. Your ride packets will be ready for pickup at the office (in the big shed) beginning Friday afternoon. 

Online entries close Wednesday at 10:00pm.  On-site registration is allowed.

We have far surpassed the required 40 entries! Thank you to everyone who has registered because it makes planning a thousand times easier and drastically reduces workload Friday afternoon!  Entries are still being accepted online through Wednesday evening as well as at the ride.  We will not turn anyone away, so for all you procrastinators, you are welcome to come, too!

Covid Plan

The Covid Plan has been attached above. In a nutshell, the guideline is this: For all persons who are fully vaccinated against Covid 19, face masks and social distancing is no longer mandated. All others are encouraged to wear a mask where it is not possible to maintain a distance of at least 6 feet.  As we return to a more ‘normal’ ride-camp some of these guidelines have been slightly modified due to the recent CDC and State of Minnesota announcements.  


Please stop over if you have some time to volunteer even if it is for a short time. If you would like to sign up for a shift, the form is here:  We need a few novice leaders!  No charge to ride and you will earn UMECRA miles.  There are a few riders entered who have never done an event and want a leader to take them out.

Ride Meetings

We do not plan to have a ride meeting Friday evening, however, if you are a new rider or new to the area and would like to have a meeting, please stop over at 8:30pm on Friday evening.  We’ll cover the contents in the ride packets and answer any questions. 

We WILL have a ride meeting for our novice riders on Sunday morning at 8:00 am.

Carolyn’s Chuck Wagon!

Deb’s mom will be selling breakfast sandwiches with a slice of banana bread for $5 and also sloppy joes with tuna salad and (I forgot what else) for lunch or dinner (price TBD). Send Deb a PM, text, email, comment on facebook, or sign up at the ride if you would like a meal.  Or, just pop over and order one on the spot.


If coming from the west, please be aware HWY 87 is closed and you must follow the detour to Park Rapids, then south on 71.

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