About MnDra

Our Purpose

MnDra was formed to promote distance riding in the Upper Midwest, giving recognition to horse and rider teams. Events sponsored in Minnesota are Competitive, Limited Distance, and Endurance.

Endurance rides are a test of horse condition and stamina, rider intelligence and horsemanship and the team effort of both over a cross-country course while under veterinary supervision. The horse completing the trail in the shortest time in an acceptable condition wins.

Competitive rides are usually shorter in distance and are ridden in a set maximum and minimum time period. Under veterinary supervision, the winner is the horse completing the course within the allotted time in the best condition. Certain rides also offer competitive drives for single or pairs carriage drivers; these follow the same rules as competitive rides with a few minor differences.

Limited Distance rides are between 25 and 35 miles. Also under veterinary supervision, the winner is the horse completing the course and pulsing down to a predetermined pulse criteria first.

MnDRA sanctions rides located in beautiful state and county parks and on private lands in Minnesota and surrounding states. Check out the ride schedule and join us at an upcoming event. Spectators and volunteers are always welcome.

Join MnDRA

MnDRA invites your participation and support through your membership. Members accumulate points each season to earn year end awards presented at the annual banquet.

MnDRA dues are $15 for single and $25 for family membership.  You must be a member of UMECRA to be eligible for MnDRA awards and have voting rights at the annual meeting.

Return the form with your check payable to MnDRA to:

Jenny Frerichs-Ramon
21409 175th Street NE
Hawick, MN 56273

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Enter your UMECRA ID, First Name, or Last Name to see if you have a current MNDRA membership. If no results are found, you do not have a current membership.   You can also see what your UMECRA renewal date is. MnDRA members are required to have a UMECRA membership.

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Our Board of Directors & Volunteers

Ken Meyer

President & Newsletter Editor

Diane Merz

Vice President

Jenny Frerichs-Ramon


Holly Egerer


Peggy Pasillas

Director at Large

Teresa Fett

Past President

Deb Moe

Website & Scorekeeper